Veeam FastSCP Windows Error Retrieving the COM Class Factory For Component With CLSID

If you are receiving an error message within FastSCP when copying files between esxi hosts or creating new folder please follow these instructions.

1.  Download 64bit Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SDK

2.  Open and run setup

3.  Click the check box to accept license agreement then click Next

4.  Uncheck "Product Documentation" and "Quickstart Samples" unless you want to install.  Click Next

5.  Leave default install path, click Next

6.  Installation progress bar will show

7.  Installing of new files.

8.  Click on Finish

9.  Now launch elevated command prompt, click on link for instructions.  Navigate to C:Program FilesMicrosoft.NETSDKv2.0 64bitBin  path.  Then type corflags "C:Program Files (x86)VeeamVeeam Backup and FastSCPVeeamShell.exe" /32BIT+ press enter and you will see outcome in image.  Now run FastSCP and error should be gone.

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