How to Unblock Extratorrent and Access Torrents on Blocked Network

Over the past few years the war against torrents has become a key part of the war against piracy. Governments around the world are cracking down on torrent websites, ensuring that users do not access torrents to illegally download content that they are not supposed to. However, not all the content posted on torrent websites is pirated and sometimes there are some files that users might have to share over torrents. Let us take a few methods on how to unblock Extratorrent and other similar torrent websites where they are blocked.

Disclaimer: Before we begin, we would like to state that we DO NOT endorse piracy in any form. This tutorial here is just a case study that shows various tools and tricks that users can make use of to gain access to torrents in times of emergency. Accessing torrents in countries where the government has blocked them is illegal and we strictly advise the users to NOT do so.

How to Unblock Extraorrent

While the methods below function for most torrent websites that we know of, we will use Extratorrent as an example due to the fact that the website is particularly popular among the users worldwide. Many ISPs and governments have blocked the website, but sometimes it is easy to circumvent the block. Let us take a look at how this can be done –

1. Try changing HTTP to HTTPS and vice versa

In some cases, where the ban comes from a local ISP or a corporate blocking application, it is quite easy to bypass the block. Simply try changing the link from http:// to https:// or from https:// to http:// and there are chances that you might be able to access the website.

Now this might sound quite silly to many of you, but this is something that actually works in many cases. You do not have to install any third party applications or take any extra pains to access it. Just by adding or removing the ‘s’ you can access the blocked torrent websites. This also holds true for all sorts of blocked websites and not just torrents.

2. Using TorrentUnblock


TorrentUnblock is a service which has been made particularly aimed at unblocking torrent websites. All you need to do is to open that the TorrentUnblock website (www.torrentunblock.com) and enter the link to the blocked torrent website that you want to visit. It will help you navigate to that website using a proxy! Similar to the method above this one, not only does it allow users to unblock extratorrent, but also visit various other blocked websites.

3. Using Hotspot Shield 

A third option to access torrents where they are blocked is with the help of hotspot shield. This is basically a firefox add-on, which makes it easier for users to access blocked content.

  • Open Firefox
  • Go to the URL: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox
  • There, search for ‘Hotspot Shield’
  • Click on ‘Add to Firefox’. This will now be installed on to your browser.
  • You will know it has been installed when a red colored button will appear at the end of the address bar on the far right corner.
  • Click on the button, and it should become green – this means the Hotspot Shield has been activated
  • Users can now change their IP address and location using this add-on. This is one of the most effective tools to unblock extratorrent and other websites in locations where it is blocked.

However, this is a solution for the users of Mozilla Firefox. In case you happen to be a Google Chrome user, we have a solution for you as well!

4. Using Betternet

For those of our readers who happen to be using the Google Chrome web browser and do not wish to install Firefox, here’s what you can do to unblock Extratorrent and other blocked websites:

  • Open your Google Chrome web browser and go to the web store.
  • Over there, search and select for the extension: Betternet
  • Click on the option titled ‘Add to Chrome’. The extension will then be installed on to your Google Chrome web browser automatically.
  • After the extension is successfully installed, users would be able to see a grey colored icon at the end of the address bar.
  • Click on that grey colored icon and you can select a location. After you have selected the location, click on connect.
  • This is how you access extratorrent and other blocked websites using Betternet for google chrome.

5. Using UnblockAll

A popular tool to unblock extratorrent and various other websites such as ThePirateBay, 1337, RarBg, YTS and much more – the UnblockAll website can simply be accessed at unblockall.xyz, where you would see a number of torrent sites right at the home page.

Simply click on the website you want to access, and clicking it would take you to the page via a proxy! This works like a charm and is one of the best solutions to access websites in places where they are blocked.

6. Using ProxyOf

ProxyOf.com is another website that would allow you to access torrents as well as various other sites in places where they are blocked. It works in the same manner as ProxyOf or TorrentUnblock function – and it would give you various alternate links to access the websites via! This is a tried and tested method by many users and has been quite helpful in accessing torrent websites.

7. Using VPN Services

A VPN, or a Virtual Private Network is one of the safest, best ways to unblock Extratorrent and other such websites in places where they are blocked. One must keep in mind that not every VPN allows you to access torrents, but most of them do. Here’s a list of some of the best VPNs that allow you to access blocked websites:

  • Express VPN: One of the best VPNs when it comes to accessing torrent websites, Express VPN offers the users with a fast download speed as well as a secure connection. Users can access websites via 78 different countries, and it supports a variety of operating systems including Windows, Android, iOS and Linux! The VPN is based in the British Virgin Islands which have no data retention laws – making it trace proof! It supports P2P torrent downloads.
  • Nord VPN: Another popular, secure and fast VPN service for accessing blocked torrent websites. Nord VPN allows the users to easily unblock Extratorrent and other similar websites. It is based out of Panama, and keeps neither connection logs nor traffic logs. It offers the users with a 256 bit AES encryption, keeping them safe. It offers unlimited bandwidth too! This is a great option for those who want to access Extratorrent where it is blocked.
  • Buffered: A popular VPN Service based out of the Netherlands and 36 other nations, Buffered provides the users with a high speed access on up to five devices at a time! It features 128 bit encryption, and has a simple and easy to use interface. It comes with DNS Leak protection, and supports accessing torrent websites.

8. Use the TOR Web Browser

Users can make use of the TOR web browser to access blocked websites. TOR allows the users to anonymously browse through the internet. Simply download and install the browser and begin surfing all the blocked websites! This might be a little overwhelming for new users at first, but as time progresses you will get familiar with it and you will never really want to move on to another browser ever again! TOR can sometimes slow down the speed of browsing, but at least you can still access the blocked websites!

Final Verdict: Unblock Extratorrent and Browse Blocked Websites

There are pros and cons to every thing in life. Before you take any action, make sure you evaluate the reaction. We strongly advise the users to NOT try and circumvent blocks where it is banned by the government as it might land you into jail or have you pay a hefty fine! Avoid it where it is illegal.

However, if your ISP is trying to impose authority upon you, and you need to step up your game – this is how you do it. If your friends are pulling a prank on you by blocking access to some websites – here’s how you one-up them. You now have the secret to browsing blocked websites in your hands. Use it wisely. We do not claim any responsibility for any legal action taken upon the users after using the aforementioned methods.

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