Error “Firewall or Internet Connection Problems”.

Error received when trying to log in to application "Firewall or Internet Connection Problems.  This error most commonly occurs when cannot access the internet often due to a firewall or internet connection setting [50041426].

Staples firewall or internet connection problem

1.  Open Internet Explorer
2.  Click on "Tools"
3.  Click on "Internet Options" and click on "Delete".

internet options

4.  Click on "Delete.." again.
delete browsing history

5.  Click on "Security" tab and click on "Sites".
security trusted sites

6.  Add the site "" and click on "Add" confirming that it does NOT contain the https.  Click "Close".
website added to trusted sites

7.  Open application and attempt to log in.  You should no longer receive error message.
8.  Done.


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