Setup Email and Calendar on Windows

Windows 10 has Mail and Calendar apps already built in. Find them by selecting the Start button, or type email or calendar in the search box on the taskbar.

Email and Calendar Office 365

Introduce yourself to Mail and Calendar

You've found the apps, now make them useful by adding your accounts. If this is the first time you're opening either Mail or Calendar, follow the instructions on the Welcome page. Otherwise, do the following:

  1. In the Mail or Calendar app, select Settings at the lower left.
  2. Select Manage Accounts > Add account, choose an account, and then follow the instructions.

Your email and calendar start syncing as soon as your account is set up. To add more accounts, return to Settings.

Email and Calendar Office 365
A few more handy things:

  • No need to add the same account twice—when you add it to one app, the other app automatically connects to the same account.
  • Switch between Mail and Calendar by selecting Switch to Mail or Switch to Calendar on the lower-left side of the window. To see the contacts associated with your accounts, select Switch to People to open the People app.

Email and Calendar Office 365

  • Delete an account at any time by going to Settings  > Manage Accounts. Choose the account you want to delete, and then select Delete account. (If you've signed in to your PC with a Microsoft account, that account is added automatically to the Mail and Calendar apps and can't be deleted. But you can remove any others you added yourself.)

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