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How To Resovle Degraded Dell T410 Server With PERC S100 RAID 5

Step by step on how to resolve Dell T410 Server RAID 5 with PERC S100 showing as degraded error.

1.  First you will need to determine which drive is the one that is bad by either logging in to OpenManage software (you can download and install if you necessary) or use the PERC screen prior to windows loading.
2.  Then you can either pull out the drive while server is still on and plug new drive in.  This should start the rebuild process automatically.  If not, proceed to the next steps.  Keep in mind it is always good practice to replace new drive with the same exact drive that went bad.
3.  Log into OpenManage software, you should be able to access via https://hostname:1311 if Dell OpenManage is installed.  You should be able to access using local account or active directory credentials.
login page

4.  Once logged in, check status of RAID 5, on system screen, you will notice "Storage" has a triangle which basically means there are warnings.  Click on Storage

5.  This will take you to next screen Storage Dashboard which specifies the status of the  PERC S100 in a degraded state.  Click on NONE to continue.

Storage Dashboard6.   You will see all physical drive in this case they should all be green.  Click on arrove to drop down list of options.  Choose Assign Global Hot Spare as an option.  Then click on Execute and confirm the options.
7.  To check status, click on Virtual Disks on the left hand side, you should see Rebuilding under State column.  Each rebuild will be several hours depending on storage size.
8.  If you inserted your new drive and the server automatically created a Virtual Disk as you see below.  You will need to delete the virtual disk that reads No RAID under Layout column, then go to phycsial disks and proceed with the steps above in setting the disk to global hot spare.
9.  Done.

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