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Quickbooks Enterprise 13.0 Error “Quickbooks could not save your form as a PDF file.”

This solution pertains to the error received when you are trying to save a form as pdf and receive the following error:


Quickbooks could not save your form as a PDF file.


Do one or more of the follow:
-Try saving the form again.
-Close all other open programs and then try to save the form again.
-If the form does not display correctly in the Print Preview, this could indicate a printing problem.



1.  Log in to the server where quickbooks is installed administrator rights.

2.  Navigate to C:UsersAdministratorAppDataRoamingIntuitQuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 13.0TSPrinterSettings

3.  Right click the file "QBPrinter.QBP" to rename to something else, in this case i renamed as "QBPRINT.QBP.old"

4.  Now click on start, click on Open Devices and Printers

5.  Right click Microsoft XPS Document Writer

6.  Click Printer Properties

7.  Click the Advanced tab

8.  Uncheck "Hold mismatched documents", "Printer spooled documents first", "Keep printed documents" and "Enable advanced printing features." Then Check mark "Print directly to the printer".


9.  Log back in to Quickbooks, you should be able to save any form as PDF now.

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