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How to Add/Remove Users HandPunch 2000

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Adding/Removing User on HandPunch 2000

In order to make these types of changes, you have to make sure you are a supervisor. If not, these instructions will not work for you.

How to Remove a User

  1. Press Clear” and “Enter” buttons at the same time.

2. You have no enabled Admin mode on the time clock, “Enter ID” should be displayed on your screen.

3. Please Enter your ID.

4. Once you have entered you ID, it should ask you to place your hand. Please do so.

5. Once you have placed your hand, the screen should say “ENTER PASSWORD”, the supervisor password is 4.

6. You should have yes or no options now. Keep entering no until you get to the screen displaying “REMOVE A USER”. Please enter “Yes”

7. “Remove ID #” should be displayed on the screen. Please enter the ID you wish to remove. Once you see “USER REMOVED,” you have successfully removed the user.


How to Add a User

  1. You are going to follow Step 1-5 on “How to Remove a User”
  2. Once you have completed the previous step, you should have an “ADD EMPLOYEE” option. Press “Yes” to continue.

3. Once you select “Yes” the “ID#?” should now be displayed on the screen.

4. Once you have entered your ID, you should be prompted to “PLACE YOUR HAND” please do so accordingly, it should be a 3 step process.

5. If all steps have been done correctly, your screen should display a “USER ENROLLED” sign.

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