Ingersoll Rand Recognition System HandPunch 2000 “Error 64 Call Factory” error.

If you are receiving the error "Error 64 Call Factory" on your HandPunch 2000 recognition system can simply mean the internal battery died and needs to be replaced followed by several steps to cold boot device or there is an issue with the board and does need to be sent in to your manufacturer.  Here are the steps to perform a cold boot to resolve this error after the internal battery (cr2032) has been replaced.

1.  Unplug power cord from handpunch 2000.

2.  Pull out internal board (you may have to disconnect cables then reconnect to perform the steps) and you will hold down the white button in the center of the board.

3.  While holding down the white button, plug power cord back in.  You will see on the menu requesting to press 1 or 9 "set all'.  Pressing 9 will reset and return the device to factory state.


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