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How to install Microsoft Exchange 2010 SSL certificate

Configure an SSl Certificate for Exchange 2010

Generate a New Exchange Server 2010 Certificate

1.  Once logged in to Exchange Server

2.   Open Exchange Management Console

3.  Navigate to Server Configuration

4.  Right Click on Server and choose New Exchange Certificate

5.  Enter a friendly name for the new cert.  It does not matter what you name it.

6.  If wild card, place check to enable

7.  Now configure the names for each exchange 2010 services that the SSL will cross reference.

8.  check mark all services and adjust names respectively.

9.  Proceed to the next step and confirm certificate domains.

10.  Confirm the common name if correct, if not, you may chose the correct one at this point.  Common name is typically MAIL.YOURDOMAIN.COM, click next

11.  In the next window you will configure organization information and browse where you would like the certificate service request (CSR) saved.

12.  Click on New, then Finish

13.  Navigate back to Exchange Management Console

14.  Right click and choose Complete Pending Request

15.  Browse to the location of the file you downloaded from the CA and complete the wizard.

16.  Right click same certificate again and choose Assign Services to Certificate

17.  Choose your server in the next step and click on next

18.  Now select your Services and complete the wizard.

19.  Done

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