Microsoft, Windows 8

How to create a batch file to shutdown or restart your computer.

You can create a batch file so you can shutdown or restart your computer.

1.  Right click on your desktop anywhere

2.  Click on NEW and choose SHORTCUT

3.  Type or copy the command shutdown.exe /s /t 30 and paste in box.  This will shutdown your computer with a 30 second delay.  You can change this as needed.  You can also replace the "s" with an "r" and will restart your computer instead of shutting down.  The /t indicates the time it takes to shutdown your computer.  You can also add a "/c" at the end of command to add comment while it counts down, see this example shutdown.exe /s /t 30 /c  "Your PC will shut down in 30 seconds."

4.  Now label the shortcut appropriately.

5.  You will now see the icon on your desktop.  Double click to test.  Your computer should shutdown with this script.  Enjoy!

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