How to Backup Files to OneDrive on your Windows or Mac – Weekly Tips

Method 1: With OneDrive Program

One of the easiest ways to backup PC to OneDrive is by adding its dedicated drive to your system. After downloading the OneDrive program on your Windows system, you can simply drag and drop your files to the cloud. Yes, it is really as simple as it sounds.

If you wish to perform a backup with OneDrive, then start by creating your account. Go to its official website right here and create an account on OneDrive. Afterward, simply follow these steps to backup to OneDrive using its dedicated program.

Step 1. Download OneDrive desktop application

Simply sign-in using your credentials and download the OneDrive program on your system. From the website, you will get an option to download Microsoft OneDrive Android app, its Windows desktop program, Mac tool, etc. Select “Windows” and download the respective file for your operating system. If you are using a Mac, then you can download the Mac desktop application.

How to Backup Files to Onedrive -Download OneDrive

Step 2. Transfer content to OneDrive folder

After following the on-screen instructions you can install OneDrive on your system. This will create a dedicated folder on your system, which can be accessed from your explorer. Most of the times, the directory will be listed under Favorites and above the segregated hard disk directory. You can simply create new folders within OneDrive directory as well. In order to perform OneDrive backup, you can drag and drop the files you wish to move to your cloud.

How to Backup Files to Onedrive -Transfer content

Put the sync option of OneDrive on, letting it store these files to cloud instantly.

Step 3. Add new content to OneDrive

Not just to transfer your files from one location to another, you can also create files and folders within OneDrive. Use it just like any other drive you have on your system. Add new folders and create new documents in order to perform Windows backup to OneDrive instantly. Just click on the sync button afterward to make a real-time copy of these files on the cloud.

How to Backup Files to Onedrive -Add new content

Step 4. Save via Office

If you have a dedicated OneDrive directory on your system, then you can also save your files from Microsoft Office to the drive directly. In order to take an instant backup to OneDrive an Office file, just click on the “Save As” option and choose to save it to OneDrive. This will make a duplicate copy of the file on OneDrive.

How to Backup Files to Onedrive -Save via Office

Method 2: With OneDrive Website

If you don’t want to download the OneDrive desktop app or create its dedicated directory on your system, then don’t worry. You can always visit its official website and manually upload the files (and folders) you wish to backup. By doing so, you can back up with OneDrive almost every kind of data. If you wish to take OneDrive backup with its website, then follow these simple instructions.

Step 1. Log-in to the website

To start with, you need to log-in to OneDrive right here using the credentials of your Microsoft/live account, linked to your OneDrive. After providing your credentials, you can log-in to OneDrive’s dedicated website and access the files that you have already stored.

How to Backup Files to Onedrive -Log-in to the website

Step 2. Upload files to the cloud

In order to upload a new file to backup PC to OneDrive, click on the “Upload” button on the toolbar. You can either upload an entire folder or can upload the selected files. Simply choose your preferred option. It will open a new browser which can be used to select the files you wish to backup with OneDrive.

How to Backup Files to Onedrive -Upload files to the cloud

Step 3. Complete the backup

After selecting the files you wish to backup to OneDrive, just open them. Wait for a while as your content would be uploaded to the cloud. After uploading the files, you can view them or access them from OneDrive’s website without any trouble.

How to Backup Files to Onedrive -Complete the backup

That’s it! After following these steps, you would be able to perform Windows backup to OneDrive.

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